BlueMaster® AdBlue Tank Range

The BlueMaster and BlueMaster PRO AdBlue storage tanks lead the pack. With nearly 10,000 units installed around the globe for over a decade, this is a range which will give you peace of mind with all the benefits provided by industry leading solutions.

The Kingspan BlueMaster range is available from 2,500 to 9,000 litres with vertical and space saving slimline options for smaller areas. Our BlueMaster tanks offer a full array of monitoring and management solutions. All BlueMaster AdBlue dispenser tanks feature doubled skinned construction for environmental protection, along with our closed fluid path system, which works to safeguard against contamination and revenue loss.

BlueMaster® Terminal AdBlue® Storage Tank with Tank Monitoring System (TMS)

The BlueMaster Terminal Tank range offers robust and convenient on-site AdBlue storage with Kingspan Tank Monitoring System (TMS). The BlueMaster Terminal tank range offers a storage solution designed to be incorporated into existing stand-alone dispensing and fuel management systems. Storage tanks complete with a submersible pump and a pulsed output via the Kingspan TMS tank monitoring system.

BlueMaster®Advanced AdBlue® Tank

The BlueMaster Advanced Tank comes with a number of specification options and the intelligent Kingspan Tank Monitoring System (TMS) supplied as standard to suit all agricultural, construction, mining and transportation requirements. Backed up by excellent technical and customer service support and a 10 year tank guarantee*, the BlueMaster Advanced gives customers a quality, cost saving and compliant AdBlue storage solution.

BlueMaster® Standard 2,500 – 9,000 Litres AdBlue® Storage Tank

Our BlueMaster AdBlue range is first choice around the globe within transportation and industrial applications. Our AdBlue storage tanks are as tough as their environment and offer you peace of mind with a 10-year guarantee*. The Standard BlueMaster AdBlue storage tanks offer a cost saving solution which is backed up by excellent technical and customer service support. 

BlueMaster® PRO AdBlue® Tank

Do you need a tank storage and dispensing solution able to support and monitor the activity of multiple users (1,500) with the addition of tank and product management? Then this is the system for you, all available on a cloud based application and RFID technology. The BlueMaster PRO AdBlue tank offers all the benefits of the BlueMaster Advanced tank range but with the additional functionality of our Kingspan Access fleet management system.

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