TruckMaster® Portable Diesel Storage

The Kingspan TruckMaster range is specifically designed for the safe transportation of diesel fuel. Available in four capacities from 200-900 litres, the TruckMaster offers a lightweight, robust and portable solution offering you ultimate convenience to refuel remotely on-site. 

Our TruckMaster range is backed with a 5-year guarantee*, excellent customer service and after sales support. This Kingspan diesel tank range is a quality, cost-saving and compliant storage solution.

Features & Benefits

Go Anywhere
The Kingspan TruckMaster diesel fuel tank gives fuel delivery a new mobility. With the efficiency of an oil tank in miniature, it reaches places a tanker cannot go. Rough land, building sites, narrow access points and farms offer no problem to a TruckMaster.

Full Compliance
The 430 & 900 litre TruckMaster has been tested to meet the requirements of the European agreement (ADR) for the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road

The TruckMaster comes with a 5 year guarantee** – all supported by localised customer service. We give you the confidence and support over the lifetime of your product and beyond.

Important Design Features
The TruckMaster can be easily lifted with its specifically designed lifting eyes or by using a forklift. The 430 and 900 litre models feature an internal baffle wall minimising the movement of liquid hence making the truck and the load more stable when in transit.

New Models for Efficient Transportation & Delivery
The TruckMaster 200 and 300 litres occupy only half a euro pallet for more economical distribution and reduced delivery costs.

Environmental Protection
The specially designed area under the lockable lid houses the TruckMaster equipment in a secure leak-proof area. This eliminates the risk of dripping fuel often encountered by an external retrofitted nozzle and hose.

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