BlueTruckMaster® Portable AdBlue® Tank

Kingspan’s BlueTruckMaster tanks have been specifically designed for the safe transportation of AdBlue. These portable AdBlue tanks are built from high-quality polyethylene, meaning they are resistant to structural damage, changing weather conditions and UV radiation. 

Our mobile AdBlue tanks are available from 200 to 900 litres, with a number of specification and dispensing options. This range suits a variety of applications including agricultural, construction and forestry. Backed up by excellent customer service support and a 5-year tank guarantee.*

Features & Benefits

Quality Design and Reliability
Quality Design and Reliability Offering a robust and resilient product design combined with a 5 year guarantee*, quality customer service and over 40 years’ experience delivering high performing products worldwide – you know you can trust Kingspan.

Excellent Return On Investment
Lightweight, portable storage solution offering a faster and safer delivery of AdBlue to any point of use and model options which occupy only half a euro pallet – saving you valuable time and money.

Portability & Design Features
The BlueTruckMaster has been designed to go anywhere and to withstand the toughest of site conditions offering liquid delivery a new mobility. Additionally, the unique internal baffle wall minimises spillage when in transit – protecting AdBlue and the environment.

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